RemeteJ Project Summary Page
RemoteJ is an application for adding remote control capability to your k750 like Sony Ericsson mobile phone with bluetooth.
		K750 series
		W800 series
		Z520 series
		W600 series
		W550 series
		W900 series

		and maybe more (not older than k750)
Latest version can be found through RemeteJ Project Summary Page.
Running on k750i:

For Linux Gnome/KDE users prewritten configration files are in package. Default config contains some support for:
                - cursor keys
                - tvtime
                - xine
                - mplayer
                - xmms
                - gmusicbrowser
                - totem
                - rhythmbox
KDE-flavor supports:
                - amarok
                - kaffeine
You can create your own menus and scripts to finetune to your applications' needs. Configuration files are in XML (xstream java object mapping).
Global events like incoming calls can be scripted: mute PC is triggered upon call, and end of call generates unmute event if configured.

Java RE 1.4
RXTX ( ) serial library
bluetooth serial link (rfcomm) (via bluez under Linux)

Released under GPL. Since 2006 Jan.